September 30, 2022


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2022 NFL schedule release: Five games to watch this year

Good morning, I’m Dan Gartland. All credit to the NFL for finding a way to remain relevant throughout the year.

In today’s SI:AM:

🏈 Putting together the schedule

🔔 Where Philly, Harden go from here

🤣 A side of Ohtani you might not know

Just five months to go

I’m frankly pretty sick of the NFL’s schedule release spectacle. I don’t get the whole song and dance of announcing a game here and there all week long leading up to the full release last night, especially when every team’s opponents have been set since January. And yet! I do love learning when the games will be played. (I just wish the schedule came out as a press release on a Monday morning instead of the NFL trying to turn it into an entire news cycle.)