September 30, 2022


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Alan Williams Caught Scouting The Next Tim Jennings

When Chicago Bears scouts attend certain pro days, it isn’t much to write home about. That can mean just about anything. When Bears coaches attend them, it might be time to take notice. Don’t forget that Matt Nagy was present at Ohio State’s pro day to watch Justin Fields last year. When a coach attends an event personally, it almost always means there is somebody on the field he has a personal interest in. Enter Alan Williams.

According to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network, the new Bears defensive coordinator was spotted down at the Houston Cougars pro day. Several teams were likely there to watch defensive end Logan Hall, a powerful lineman with size, motor, and violence in his game. While Williams no doubt watched him, anybody with common sense would know he was probably there to watch cornerback Marcus Jones instead.

There is plenty to like.

Jones plays a physical brand of football for a cornerback. He isn’t afraid to tackle, loves to hit, and will man up on any receivers he lines up against. He finished his senior year with five interceptions, demonstrating a keen nose for the football if that weren’t enough. Something the Bears place a big emphasis on in their new scheme. Jones is also supremely athletic with plenty of speed. Knowing all of this, it would feel like a waste of time for Alan Williams to watch him. This kid will go in the 1st round, right?

There is one problem. Jones is 5’8. That is dangerously short for NFL defensive backs. Many teams won’t even bother considering him because of that fact. Williams, though, wouldn’t even blink at it. There is a strong likelihood he has visions of Tim Jennings when watching the kid play. The profiles are remarkably similar. People may not remember, but Williams coached Jennings for four years in Indianapolis from 2006 to 2009.

Bears fans should remember what happened after that. He signed with Chicago in 2010 and morphed into a two-time Pro Bowler for their defense. Thanks to his wide range of other skills, the size never seemed to matter much. If Jones really is similar, then the same results could be forthcoming in the NFL. Perhaps Williams is hoping it might happen for the Bears.

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