September 29, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

Big-time programs are out of control

College sports is on fire.

The NCAA is more helpless and out of touch than ever.

And this is all going to get a lot worse before it finally gets better.

Another way of capturing the unprecedented chaos affecting Power Five programs, national champions, billionaires, small schools, university presidents and athletic directors, “student-athletes” and average fans across America?

It’s (bleep) up.

Those were a few of the first words I heard this week during another conversation with an interested party in the middle of this crazy new world order.

Here’s a sampling of recent national headlines hinting at the real-time drama that could lead to the end of the NCAA as we know it — and create a new college sports world where the haves are rarely forced to deal with all the have nots.

As leaders lobby, NCAA searches for ways to rein in boosters.

Miami’s Wong shows college sports hurtles toward free market.

Clemson coach Swinney says there needs to be ‘complete blowup’ of college football.