September 29, 2022


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Chicago Bears May Have Their Jakeem Grant Replacement In Mind

The Chicago Bears know they won’t be able to dabble in the top talent of the upcoming 2022 draft. So their approach to this offseason has instead focused on courting potential undrafted free agents. If the team can win with quality, they try to do so with quantity. By luring several undrafted rookies, they may have a chance of finding one or two diamonds in the rough. A lot of luck is involved, but good teams always know how to spot talent.

Another name they’ve added to their list, according to Justin Melo of The Draft Network, is Mykael Wright. The 5’11 cornerback from Oregon isn’t expected to get drafted due to concerns about his size and erratic fundamentals on defense. Yet there are aspects of his game that seem to intrigue teams. In addition to Bears, several others have expressed interest in him over the previous weeks.

Most will focus on his defensive exploits.

At times, Wright had streaks of good coverage but never seemed able to lock guys down for an entire game. He also didn’t produce as many turnovers as he should’ve, considering how often he could get a hand on the football. Some wonder if it’s a coaching issue or if he simply doesn’t have that extra bit of juice to finish plays. That said, he does bring something to the table the Chicago Bears need. Return ability.

Wright was a breakout star as a kick returner in 2019, with two touchdowns and an average of 38 yards per return. He was excellent again last season, going for 27.7 yards per return. Remember, the Bears lost Jakeem Grant to free agency this offseason. That leaves a significant hole in their return game. Adding Wright as an undrafted rookie could fill the void at a much cheaper price while also providing the defense with a developmental cornerback that fits their system.

That is how intelligent teams operate. Pick a player with one valuable ability and the potential to provide more with additional coaching.

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