September 30, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

Coaches don’t forget to report games

Break out the shorts. Spring has shoved winter into a locker and unleashed its glory on the state. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and you can go outside again without wishing you lived somewhere much further south.  

The spring sports season is a full go and, while those first couple of weeks of practice and games were a little iffy, it looks like we’ve turned the corner this past week. Those April showers (we do need May flowers) have spoiled a couple of days, but things are only going to get better as we move on.  

High School Team Player – Providence Journal

As for high school sports, we’re back to a full spring schedule for the first time since 2019. Writing that sentence is probably as crazy as reading it.  

A lot has happened since then, including how The Providence Journal is attacking its high school sports coverage.  

Our deadlines in 2022 are different than they were three years ago, so getting daily box scores in print the next day isn’t happening. We’ll get back to this in a minute. 

Because agate copy is taking a back seat, this frees up a lot of my time to cover games. As I’ve written in the space previously, I don’t mind completely abandoning my family — my kids will usually be in tow — to go to a high school game. There are some circumstances that will make it so I won’t be able to — after all, I am a softball dad — but I plan to go to games and to find stories all spring long.  

Lincoln's Katherine Jahnz controls the ball in last week's game against Providence Country Day/Blackstone Valley.

More time to cover games

Some of this content will make it in print the next day, some of it won’t.  

It will all be online at and, as I’ve been saying for the last eight months, if you want to read them, you know what you have to do. (If you don’t know the answer, you need to learn more about social media.)