September 30, 2022


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Colin Cowherd suddenly has nice things to say about Draymond

“You wouldn’t know who Draymond Green was on the Pelicans. Four years into the league, he’s averaging 8 and 6 — and that’s with people paying attention to his great teammates. Part of Draymond Green’s love affair is that he was a second-round pick. He’s overachieving.”

That’s longtime sports shock jock Colin Cowherd on Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green in 2016, just after he was elected to his second straight All-Defensive Team, and the year before he won the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award.

“Draymond Green doesn’t fit this team, he’s the bully at the nightclub, he’s the bouncer, he’s the class clown. … He will not be here in three years. … His skills are totally replaceable.”

That’s Cowherd on Green in 2018, one year after Green won his second NBA title and the league’s Defensive Player of the Year award. (Green was “here” in three years, he signed a four-year contract extension a year after Cowherd’s quote, and he remains “here” currently.)

“Draymond Green has been reduced to an ineffective shooter, an average defender and almost an annoyance to his teammates as much as the other team.”

That’s Cowherd on Green in 2019, just before he finished an NBA Finals run with six postseason triple-doubles, tying Magic Johnson for the second-most in a single postseason in NBA history.

“I think there’s an argument to be made that after Steph he’s the most valuable player for this franchise over the last 25 years — I mean, Rick Barry, Steph Curry and Draymond Green. I think he means that much to the franchise.”

That’s Cowherd on Green this week.

“Draymond stands for something. He is an authentic, game-changing, best-of-a-decade player.”

Yep, this week, too.

“I would take Draymond Green’s career over Carmelo Anthony, or Russell Westbrook, and to be honest with you, I’d take it over James Harden,” he said. 

I know, confusing right? Here’s one more from this week:

“You know, Draymond is a fascinating player. Second-round pick, total grinder, he is part of my podcast company The Volume, he’s awesome. He was viewed as a tweener, had kind of an odd game, but he’s become a huge catalyst. For a lot of people he can be annoying, he’s got a very Rodman-esque feel, but he’s a better offensive player.”

What’s The Volume, you ask? That’s Cowherd and iHeartMedia’s joint podcast venture, which Green joined in November and has since hosted 32 episode of his “Draymond Green Show.” It’s the same podcast that Green was referring to when he told assembled reporters after the Denver series: “I probably don’t got much for y’all today, I’m about to go home and do my podcast.” And the same podcast that media outlets (including SFGATE) have been linking to and quoting for weeks now as Green explains his antics on (and while leaving) the court.

So what changed between four of the best years of Green’s career and 2022? Did Cowherd have an epiphany about the importance of a team-first defender? Did Draymond’s postseason absence the last few seasons make Cowherd forget his earlier qualms? Or is Cowherd perhaps reticent, to put it politely, about critiquing his new colleague? We’ll leave that for you to decide — but it’s certainly worth remembering the next time Cowherd goes at another star athlete.