September 30, 2022


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IMG Academy Expands Academic Programs with New Laurel Springs School Partnership

IMG Academy announced today a partnership with Laurel Springs School, a leading private online school offering K-12 and postgraduate programs, to further expand IMG Academy’s academic programs and delivery. The partnership provides IMG Academy’s student-athletes additional course options and flexible schedules to balance career interests and education to supplement its current in-person offerings.

IMG Academy is at the forefront of education, sport and athletic and personal development. Known for its innovative approach to delivering a seamless methodology that cultivates academic growth, athletic improvement, lifelong skills, while promoting social responsibility. IMG Academy’s boarding school program prepares student-athletes to become tomorrow’s leaders and influencers. The storied history and alumni base with unparalleled athletic and individual accomplishments has made IMG Academy into the most recognizable school in the nation and a global phenomenon. Built on a foundation that thrives on being innovative and disruptive, this new partnership with Laurel Springs is yet another example of delivering dynamic tools and resources to enhance the student-athlete learning experience.

As the first US-based online school, Laurel Springs has a track record of successful alumni including Olympians, performing artists, professional athletes and accelerated learners; providing them flexibility to pursue interests and passions while receiving a premier, college-prep education.  Ranked by Newsweek in 2021 as one of the best online private schools in America, Laurel Springs’ academic experiences help pave each student’s learning path and pace. The school has long been considered the preferred online school for Olympic and college-bound student-athletes who seek flexibility and a college-prep experience as they continue their training, making it an excellent partner to pair alongside IMG Academy’s rigorous academic program. 


We are committed to holding our academic programs to a standard of excellence that is expected from a private academy of our caliber. Our student-athletes are not only positioned to thrive in sport but in whichever pathway they choose after graduation. Through this partnership with Laurel Springs, we are continuing to find unique and innovative ways to provide our student-athletes with resources that will ultimately prepare them for success in 21st century.”  

– Michael Lehan, IMG Academy Head of School




“We’re proud to partner with IMG Academy to support students’ academic and personal growth,” said Laurel Springs School President Arra Yerganian. “Our approach to education nurtures personal growth within each student as they pursue their passions and talents. The elite student-athletes at IMG can especially benefit from lessons learned with a Laurel Springs education both inside and outside the classroom.” 

While Laurel Springs School has offered supplemental classes to IMG student-athletes for years, this official partnership between IMG Academy and Laurel Springs School is believed to be the first of its kind. 

The partnership between IMG Academy and Laurel Springs will also extend to IMG’s world-class sports camps, which serve individuals who are seeking expertise and resources to improve and take their games to the next level.