September 29, 2022


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Jimmy Butler talks coffee obsession and Big Face Brand

When Sports Illustrated caught up with Jimmy Butler in the wake of his first appearance in the NBA Finals in 2020, his coffee obsession was still more of a Bubble quirk than legitimate business. Since then, Butler has actually started selling his own beans (and merch) under his Big Face Coffee label. What started as a way to price gouge a captive (and wealthy) clientele has turned into one of Butler’s many off-court interests. In mid-March, the six-time All-Star even set up a Big Face pop-up at the Miami Open, with Butler himself getting behind the counter and whipping up lattes for VIPs and tournament entrants. (The prices were a little more affordable this time, with drinks starting at around eight bucks, and a full flight for $20.) Ahead of the tournament, Butler spoke to SI about the status of his obsessions.