December 8, 2022


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Meet the Mid: Junior Defensive Tackle Clay Cromwell

Name: Clay Cromwell 


Year: Junior


Position: Defensive Tackle 


Height: 6-3


Weight: 295


Hometown: Oxford, Miss.


High School: Oxford


Major: English


What do you want to do after graduation and why?  Marine Ground


Why did you choose Navy?  I chose Navy for the chance to play FBS football and the opportunity to serve my country as a Marine Officer after I graduate.


What would you tell somebody that is considering coming to Navy to play football?  It is challenging, but you will form bonds with your teammates that will last forever.


If you could play another position, what position would you play and why? I would play fullback because I would love to run the ball and score TDs.


If you could choose any opponent for Navy to play that is currently not on the schedule, who would you choose and why?  I would schedule Ole Miss because I grew up around the campus and would love to play in my hometown.


 Favorite class at the Naval Academy and why?  Youngster Navigation because LT Noza is a really fun teacher.


 Hardest class at the Naval Academy and why?  Physics 2 because I wasn’t even good at Physics 1.


Favorite teacher at the Naval Academy and why? Professor Klein because he made the pain of physics not so bad and is also a really cool guy himself. Definitely the best professor at the Academy.


Favorite form of social media and why?  Instagram because I like to see pictures and videos of what people are doing.


Favorite person to follow on social media and why?  @_Will Compton because he’s hilarious and I like his podcast “Bussin’ with the Boy” about all things football.


If you could have dinner with any 4 people at the Naval Academy who would you choose and why?:  I would chose to have dinner with the Superintendent Admiral Buck, Capt. Wade, CAPT Mendenhall and my roommate Connor Garrison. I would choose the Supt. and Capt. Mendenhall because I think they’re pretty cool and are popular. Capt. Wade and my roommate are just fun to be around.

Favorite sport to follow at the Naval Academy outside of football and why? Basketball because they are pretty good and made a run for the tournament and are exciting to watch.

If you didn’t play football at Navy, what sport would you play and why? I would play baseball because I enjoy watching and playing it.


What song is playing on your headphones in the locker room right before taking the field? Enter Sandman by Metallica

What is your dream vacation?  Greece


 How many teams should make the FBS Playoffs?  8


 What is the best thing about being in the American Athletic Conference? Tough competition and the opportunity to play on a national stage.


 Favorite Coach Niumatalolo quote: “I may not know how to do mathematics, but I know how to win, it’s hard to win.”


 One word to describe a Navy Football player: Tough.


 Who will be the surprise player on offense in 2022 and why? Vincent Terrell III, because he had a great spring.


Who will be the surprise player on defense in 2022 and why? Colin Ramos, because he had a good freshman season, but I think will be even better this year.


Who is the toughest player on the Navy football team and why? Kip Frankland, because he has come back from injury every season and played every game.

What player epitomizes Navy Football and why? Eavan Gibbons, because he is one of the hardest workers I know. 


Who will be the Most Valuable Player on offense in 2022 and why?  Kip Frankland, because to be successful we have to run the ball well. He leads the O-line room.


 Who will be the Most Valuable Player on defense in 2022 and why?  John Marshall because he plays with elite E.A.T. (effort, attitude and toughness) and makes big plays.


What are you most looking forward to in 2022 ? I am most looking forward to starting out the season strong, beating Army, and going to a bowl game.