September 25, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

Meet the Mid: Junior Guard Lirion Murtezi

Name:  Lirion Murtezi

Year: Junior

Position: Guard and Center 

Height: 6-3

Weight: 300

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

High School: North Hills High School

Major: Political Science (highly recommend) 

What do you want to do after graduation and why?:  After watching the Blue Angels yesterday I am thinking pilot looks interesting.

Why did you choose Navy?  I chose Navy because of the atmosphere. When I came on my recruiting visit it felt just like home. Everyone was so welcoming and it felt like a real family. Also, it’s a great opportunity to receive a great education while playing big time football.

What would you tell somebody that is considering coming to Navy to play football?: I would tell them to do it. This place is like no other and truly one of a kind.

If you could play another position, what position would you play and why?:  Defensive line because I played it in high school and I think it would be fun playing for Coach Newberry.

If you could choose any opponent for Navy to play that is currently not on the schedule who would you choose and why?:  I would choose the University of Pittsburgh because it’s the home city.

Favorite class at the Naval Academy and why?:  Leadership is my favorite class because it’s not math and it’s a good class to learn a lot about everything that’s not math.

Hardest class at the Naval Academy and why?:  Physics 2…… very hard.

Favorite teacher at the Naval Academy and why?: LCDR Chapman. I had him for physics and he is truly amazing. He cares a lot about us developing as people and he just wants us to be the best that we can be every day. Truly a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Favorite form of social media and why?:  Twitter and Facebook

Favorite person to follow on social media and why?:  Scott Strasemeier. It’s one-stop shopping for all things sports.

Favorite sport to follow at the Naval Academy outside of football and why?:   Men’s lacrosse because I have a lot of friends on the team and it’s always a great time

If you didn’t play football at Navy, what sport would you play and why?:  I would wrestle as it is another sport like football that is fun and competitive. 

If you could have dinner with any 4 people at the Naval Academy who would you choose and why?: Kip Frankland, Ahmad Bradley, Sam Glover and Scott Strasemeier. We would have some great conversations.

What song is playing on your headphones in the locker room right before taking the field?:  Some Albanian music.

What is your dream vacation?: Back home to Kosovo and Albania where I am from because there is no place like home!

How many teams should make the FBS Playoffs?:  8

What is the best thing about being in the American Athletic Conference?: It is a very competitive conference and teams are from all over the country so we get to travel to cool places. 

Favorite Coach Niumatalolo quote:  “We are not the biggest, we don’t have the best players, but our work ethic and elite effort will give us a chance.”

One word to describe a Navy Football player:  Tough 

Who will be the surprise player on offense in 2022?: Vincent Terrell II

Who will be the surprise player on defense in 2022?:  Jianni Woodson-Brooks

Who is the toughest player on the Navy football team and why?: Bijan Nichols, very tough guy and never complains about anything.

What player epitomizes Navy Football and why?: Kip Frankland, he is tough as they come and that can be seen in the way he plays. He also does everything right on and off the field.

Who will be the Most Valuable Player on offense in 2022 and why?:  Tai Lavatai, because he has gained a lot from last season and will be a lot better.

Who will be the Most Valuable Player on defense in 2022 and why? Will Harbour, because he was playing great last year before he got hurt and has a lot that he wants to accomplish this year, 

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?: I am looking forward to signing my 2-for-7 papers, getting healthy and getting back on the field again and competing.