December 8, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

Meet the Mid: Junior Wide Receiver Jayden Umbarger

Name:  Jayden Umbarger


Year: 2024


Position: Wide Receiver


Height: 6-0


Weight: 196


Hometown: Baltimore, Md.


High School: Archbishop Spalding


Major: Political Science


What do you want to do after graduation and why?  Marines, their culture and value of physical fitness


Why did you choose Navy? To become a better person, serve our country and play FBS football.


What would you tell somebody that is considering coming to Navy to play football?  You will become a greater and stronger person than you ever thought you could and will gain a lot of brothers along the way.


If you could play another position, what position would you play and why? Safety, I have good ball skills and I’m physical


If you could choose any opponent for Navy to play that is currently not on the schedule, who would you choose and why? Maryland, because they’re another good team in Maryland

Favorite class at the Naval Academy and why?  Chemistry, because I like science.

Hardest class at the Naval Academy and why?  So far, Calculus II was probably the hardest because there were a lot of proofs and not a lot of numbers

Favorite teacher at the Naval Academy and why?  Captain Franky. He gave a lot of insight and is a very wise person.

Favorite form of social media and why?  Twitter. I like tweeting


Favorite person to follow on social media and why?  Druski. Very funny account.


If you could have dinner with any 4 people at the Naval Academy who would you choose?:  Camari Williams, Ahmad Bradley, Mark Walker and Clay Cromwell

Favorite sport to follow at the Naval Academy outside of football and why?  Basketball, because I like playing basketball and I have friends on the team. 

If you didn’t play football at Navy, what sport would you play and why?  I would play basketball because I have a nice shot

What song is playing on your headphones in the locker room right before taking the field?  Lor Scoota- Interview 

What is your dream vacation?  Dominican Republic

How many teams should make the FBS Playoffs?  8

What is the best thing about being in the American Athletic Conference? The competition

Favorite Coach Niumatalolo quote: “It’s hard to win”

One word to describe a Navy Football player: Gritty

Who will be the surprise player on offense in 2022?  Mark Walker


Who will be the surprise player on defense in 2022? Rayuan Lane


Who is the toughest player on the Navy football team? Colin Ramos

What player epitomizes Navy Football?  Eavan Gibbons


Who will be the Most Valuable Player on offense in 2022?  Kip Frankland

Who will be the Most Valuable Player on defense in 2022? John Marshall  


What are you most looking forward to in 2022? Playing Notre Dame at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore