December 8, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

Sioux Falls sporting goods store Dauby’s in business 90 years

Dauby’s Sports Center has been a fixture in Sioux Falls since 1934. From the beginning, school sporting equipment, team equipment, and uniforms for a variety of activities have been sold there. The first question is, who or what is Dauby?

Herbert C. “Dauby” Daubenberger was born September 20, 1898, in the northeast Iowa town of McGregor. There he attended public schools, graduating from high school in 1916. He attended Grinnell College, east of Des Moines, where he excelled in track and basketball before graduating in 1920. In 1921, he took a job coaching high school football at Colfax, Iowa, just east of Grinnell, an occupation he seemed suited for. He continued coaching there until 1927, at which point he took a job at Aberdeen Central high school, coaching the Golden Eagles. Under his leadership, the Eagles won the Eastern South Dakota conference football championship in 1931.