September 30, 2022


Sports Really Satisfies

What’s in store for BASA’s varsity sports |

Barrow Arts and Science High School (BASA) has shown an amazing amount of growth in only two years of existence. Without having seniors in the school thus far, it has added the option for some of the lower grade students to play at a varsity level.

The plan for next year is to have a small group of seniors created from this year’s juniors, and the following year will be their first year having a full senior class.

“We’re excited we have sports and the success that we’ve had with sports will continue to grow as the building development continues,” said athlete director Nicole Baker. “I think it’s important for, not only the players, but our school community to have an athletics program.”

Currently, BASA sports that allow the varsity option include cross country, swimming, soccer, tennis and gymnastics.

In the 2022-23 school year it will include competition cheer, softball, dance, golf and baseball. In the following school year it will add volleyball.

Despite the lack of seniors and being it’s first year with the program, the varsity teams seem to be thriving. Both boys and girls’ cross country won the region championships, the girls made it to runner up at state and boys came in third. On Thursday, March 3rd the boys’ soccer team beat Lincoln County 10-0. The program really speaks for itself.

Up to now, volleyball is the only sport played on the BASA campus. This coming fall they it will partner with the FFA program and be able to host cross country meets at the Barrow County Farm. It also partners with Dan McGee, who is the  director for parks and rec. which allows them access to Victor Lord park for their other sports.

“The district has a plan in the works for those facilities to be on campus,” said Baker. “I know that with like anything, building schools takes a lot of time and money.”

BASA introduced sports for junior varsity when they opened last year. It has many other programs and encourage their students through positive reinforcement.

“As a school were really proud of all of our students,” said Baker “Whether they are performing art students, visual art students, our CTA students, or our athletes. I think all areas are important and having a success in one is a success for everyone.”

“The focus on student athletes is helping them not only to be successful in the classroom but to  develop the skills and the discipline that comes with playing sports.”

Another benefit to school sports is the connection to another mentor. The coaches that started with BASA in the first year knew they were creating a foundation for the students in a way they may not have access to otherwise.

“For instance I know that coach Thornton is not just talking to his soccer players in January,” said Baker. “He’s making contact with them from the time that they’re on campus in August and checking in with them, making sure that if they’re not doing well in their classes, how to figure out what’s going on. So aside from the building of the program it’s also the building of the relationship.”

BASA hopes to continue developing these programs and continuing to see success.

“We hope to have a presence, not only in the county, but with the regions changing next year, still having a presence even in our new region.”